• Pratt & Whitney Canada has issued Service Bulletin No. 14001R19 concerning approved listing of engine oils. This SB approves the transition of the TBM PT6A-64 and PT6A-66D engines to High Thermal Stability (HTS) oils. Please click the link to view a "reference only" copy of their publication. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this SB, please contact either a P&WC or DAHER field service representative.

  • Effective September 29, 2015 the FAA is superseding AD 2007-04-13 with AD 2015-17-10. In summary the new AD requires inspection of the main landing gear forging per Daher’s Mandatory Service Bulletin SB 70-130 Revision 3, dated December 2014. This new AD increases the repetitive inspection interval from 175 to 240 landings and also recognizes the terminating solution of Daher’s SB. Applicability is TBM serial numbers 1 through 638 & 687.

  • A new tool is available for Rallye customers and operators : you can now find online the IPC for Rallye range on As a continuing willingness to improve customer support, Daher-Socata is very pleased to offer this new service to its customers in order to significantly ease the spare parts identification.

  • FAA has granted global AMOCS for the following
    - AD 2007-03-17 R1 SOCATA SB70-129 Amendt 2 Rivet inspection at frames C18 bis and C19
    - AD 2002-09-11 SOCATA SB70-087 Amendt 2 Flap carriage
    This in allows application of the New Maintenance Program (NMP) inspection program on the TBM700A, B, C2. For the TBM850 no AMOCs are needed to transition to the NMP. All TBMs can now be placed on the NMP during their annual inspection.



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